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HELLO!|WELCOME TO THE FASHION STIR FRY|WHERE Fashion Is Always Trending|Beauty Speaks From Within|Travel is a lifestyle|Food is made with love|and CREATING CONTENT IS A THING|HOPE YOU BROUGHT YOUR BAG OF POPCORN WITH YOU


You have it, i have it, everyone has it. Sleeves? What sleeves? I wear mine on my chest and i think you should too. Confused? What in the world am i talking about? Expressing yourself, saying your opinion out loud, showing your emotions, being yourself and not being afraid to do so. Just as long as you are not hurting anyone or yourself.

I am a huge fan of  cute T-shirts with cute little messages or characters on them and this is just one of many. Maybe i am a kid at heart, maybe i just love being happy, maybe some kids will think i am cool enough to hang out with or maybe i know when someone looks at me at least for a quick second i just might give them one good whole reason to smile or start a conversation. It is my fashion statement. What is yours?

                                                 I was wearing:
                                                 T-SHIRT from Jamaica
                                                 JEANS SHORTS destroyed/cut off by me (self made)
                                                 SHOES BY NINE WEST

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone and thanks for reading.

Please excuse the picture quality. Working on it.....


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