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In the P1 of this post, i explained how my boarderline addictions have gotten the best of me. May i just use this opportunity to thank the men for making the existence of shorts a possibility. I am not talking about just any shorts, but "Boy Shorts". This is one kind of women's underwear that i believe is a definite rockstar in my world. They are so comfortable and perfect for lounging in. You don't have to worry about pant lines ever and most importantly, VS/PINK have made them the cutest and hottest shorts that ever existed.

I have always loved graphics on clothes....saying something cute and funny. So needless to say, when i walked into the PINK store in Square One mall last week and i came across their new sets of boy shorts, i just started giggling and i couldn't help but pick a few for myself. Humor is always the way to go....i think. Laugh a little and it will keep the stress away. They are just too cute not to share. Don't you think? How can you not LOVE PINK? 

Then again, would you wear boy shorts?

Thank you all for reading!

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