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I have always loved shirt dresses  not because i like being confused but because of its cute harmless tease. Come on, it is fashion. The first one i ever owned was when i was in my teens and it was a pass-down from an older and very stylish cousin. It was so cute i couldn't even get mad. Why should i when she was richer than me and she only shopped at very high end stores. Lucky girl. I loved it so much that even when i grew too tall for it, my boyfriend at the time had to ask me nicely, to just let it go.

Now they are back again and trending crazily this summer (in my world it never stopped). Some man-made by fashionistas while others were really  manufactured that way. This was a "find" for me and my first reaction when i put it up to take a better look at it was, "What do i do with this?" I was immediately intrigued by the length, bell sleeves, the straight cut and the colorful zigzag print. So letting it go was not an option anymore. I figured styling it with some cool pieces might make it work. It took me back a few years and i liked that a lot. Fair enough, i did what i could without trying to outshine the dress. It was a perfect, windy day to shoot and i just really wanted to feel the heart and soul of this look.

After writing this post, i went on to search for the website link of this dress's brand, Element and i promise you i had never visited their website until now. Take a look at their Lookbooks and read the caption on the photo. I think we both had  the same vision ;) I must be doing something right.

Thank you all for reading! Now your comment.

                                                              DRESS: ELEMENT via WINNERS
                                                              SHOES: SAM &LIBBY via TARGET
                                                              BANGLES: H&M 
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