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HELLO!|WELCOME TO THE FASHION STIR FRY|WHERE Fashion Is Always Trending|Beauty Speaks From Within|Travel is a lifestyle|Food is made with love|and CREATING CONTENT IS A THING|HOPE YOU BROUGHT YOUR BAG OF POPCORN WITH YOU


Things just got even better today in Gravenhurst and i hope you excuse the turn of events but i promise it is worth it....i hope.

Sure i love needles and thread, cupcakes and cookies, cashmere and lace, coffee and tea, ice cream and candy, skirts and dresses but i also love some babies on wheels.

Whaaaaat?? Yep!

After shooting this Vintage Havana  dress that i love so much, i started heading home but couldn't resist the sea of motorbikes lined up in the parking lots, on the fields and even right in front of my car. I was in awe of these beauties. It was more like a double awe for me today because this tribal print multistripe baja dress has everything i love in outfits- Stripes, multicolor, prints, tribal prints and sassiness. The prints and fabric remind me of my culture so much. My ethnicity is Yoruba, one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria and coming from a tribe where culture and tradition has played a significant role in my life, gave me nostalgic feelings when i spotted this beauty on the rack. Tribal prints have come to stay for a very long time and i am pleased to see how the fashion world is embracing ethnic prints today. I grew up wearing tribal prints. Therefore, introducing it into the Western culture is definitely a breathe of fresh air. I wish i styled the dress better than i did but all that matters right now is just the dress.

Obviously without a doubt, the biker chick in me was unleashed after seeing the biggest motor bike rally ever in Muskoka as i head home. I was so captivated by these awesomenesses in motion, i had to stop and pay some respect. Obviously my 5 inch heels were not interested. Luckily for me, i had my orange heels in the car and quickly switched into those to party. Naturally scared to ride on them but i have grown to appreciate these bad boys.

Only i, would show up in a mini Vintage Havana Multi Stripe Baja Dress and heels at a motorbike rally where only leather jackets, tattoos and biker boots are pretty much the order of the day....Er maybe because the biggest and the best things happen under 7 minutes. Won't miss it! ;)

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.



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