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Every woman has a bit of an eventful life but summer is quite a busy time for everyone. Kids are out of school and at home which means moms have got their hands full just trying to catch up. College bound students are busy having a blast running around town, hitting their favorite spots with their besties one more time before they say their goodbyes at the end of summer. While some are simply job hunting. Girlfriends meet up to catch up on each other's lives, to try out a farmer's market they can't stop hearing and talking about for some fresh fruits and vegetables or the ultimate, a shopping spree in the mall.

I seem to have so much time in my hands between trying to catch my lovely little one who sprints through the entire place and running errands all day everyday. It never ends. I remember when i worked, i spent my days off just running errands, making it to appointments and meet ups, sometimes i get more tired than when i actually worked. Lately, i find myself all over, hopping from one place to another running errands, heading to appointments and what not.

What better way to do all these runs than in a pair of cool crochet lace espadrilles. Espadrilles are very chic, cute and super comfy. I love slip-ons. The great thing about this pair is the fact that i can wear it with almost any outfit for any occasion. I love a simple thing that comes with drama a twist. The crochet lace and color give it an edgy look. I call that perfection.

First time i came across these pair by Nevada, i was just walking through the mall. It was the very beginning of summer and i found out they were just out in stores. A couple of weeks after i went back to get a pair, i realized they were almost sold out on all the three colors (Blue, Black, Peach). I wasn't surprised. After all, everyone has got somewhere to go.

Are espadrilles your idea of comfortable shoes?

I want thank those of you that participated in the Mastercard Gift Card Giveaway. The winner will be announced soon.

Thank you all for reading! Now your comment.

                                                                          TOP: DYNAMITE
                                                                          SHORTS: BLUENOTES
                                                                          ESPADRILLES: NEVADA


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