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So yesterday was a really nice day to go on a safari with my family. Only that this beautiful safari happens to be in Toronto and the animals do not wander freely. Of course the Toronto Zoo.

The mighty size of this zoo is very hard to ignore, but the beauty of it is how so well organized and properly mapped out it was. Yep... because upon entry, everyone is given a map of the zoo. The map helped us quickly decide what animals we were interested in seeing first and then go from there. Almost every animal from every part of the world that you and i could think of was there....That made my day.  It was definitely busy and you could tell from the enormous crowd that flooded the zoo, it was the ideal place for families, kids, friends and you know we can't leave out the many cute couples on dates too.

In terms of outfits, i have never seen so many cross-body bags all in one place at the same time. Probably the best for convenience sake for some free hands and/or for the sake of minimizing- Greatly appreciated when it comes to a lot of walking and photo taking. I  had mine too but tucked away. There was also a great mix of summer-style outfits but some held their sweaters close by. My advice? Just be ready to walk.

The warm weather helped make it a fun day out but it was a liiitle bit chilly at the same time. Especially when the winds hit which explains my outfit. The denim shirt was a great help having worn a very light sleeveless "cat face" top. Luckily it kinda matched my crochet espadrilles. The woven hat was an awesome addition to protect my face from the direct sunlight and it being so light was the best. After i caught a glimpse of myself as we walked on, i busted out laughing 'cause i realized my outfit is the purrrfect zookeeper's safari outfit...but more like in a James Bond movie. Ha ha ha just kidding. It was so not what i was going for but hey it worked and i felt so comfortable the entire time.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

                          How cute are these two Red River Hogs (Wild pigs from Africa). Awwh...

                                                                          The Hyena.
Something for everybody..hehehe

            Only the gorgeous peacocks were allowed to wander around and that gave the kids a thrill.
                                          The Hippo would not leave the water for his close up.

                                                      The Giraffe was a show on its own.
                                                                      Love the Grizzly Bears.

                                                                  The Graceful Gazelle

                              Just another one of a million of the cross body backs bags. Love the corals.

                                                                 HAT: TARGET
                                                                 DENIM SHIRT: CI SONO
                                                                 DENIM SKINNY PANTS: DYNAMITE
                                                                 SLEEVELESS TOP: ARDENE
                                                                 ESPADRILLES: NEVADA


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