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I never shy away from colors- Earthy, bright, light, white, name it. Playing it safe, especially in fashion can sometimes be such a cliché. Being imaginative and taking risks gives me the opportunity to exercise my creative side.

Sure, i have been madly in love with orange which some may even call coral, this summer. So spotting this pair of three-quarter pants also known as capri pants, capris, crop pants, mid-calf pants, clam diggers, calf-length trousers and pedal-pushers in coral was hard to resist. Not only was it a length many women have come to appreciate and style by folding up the ends these days, it was high waisted. Need i say more?

Although, bought separately but from the same store, the whimsical top is super fun and flirty. It seemed like it was made just for the three-quarter pants. The bag was love at first sight and the pair of mules gave me a throwback feel. I have simply put together a few different colors but all still within the same tone. Yes, I do get a little carried away like that sometimes ;).

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments :).
TOP: UK2LA Via Stitches // THREE-QUARTER PANTS: Seduction Fashion Via Stitches // BAG: Rimen & Co // MULES: Kenneth Cole Reaction // SUNGLASSES:



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