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Oooh yes i diiiid!!! Ha ha ha. I was a little nervous while shooting and then publishing this video because i once attempted doing a video tutorial on a beauty post that was an epic fail. Ha ha ha. But how do you grow if you don't live to correct your mistakes. Hey, you have to start small but think big. Not to say this video is "big screen" kick a..." comeback. Ha ha ha. It is more or less a mini intro of me and a test of more beautiful things to come (Still considering adding videos to my blog).  Plus I did all of it - shooting, directing, producing and editing all by myself. Oops.

Anyway, can you blame me if i thought sometimes without saying much, an outfit needs to be seen live and in motion to really get a feel of it. I fell in love with the outcome of this pairing that it really felt like a whole new unique outfit- It looks like a whole new dress. Do you all remember when i featured the peplum top a while ago and then the skater skirt after, on another post? I just love finding fun, creative and chic ways to pair pieces together. Especially from pieces i have in my closet already.

Just as much as i  know video blogging is not for everybody, but i like connecting with people and i enjoy doing it ;).

That said, kindly excuse the quality of the video. The quality of the video on its own was excellent until i uploaded it on Youtube and somehow it just wasn't anywhere near what i expected at all. Still trying to figure out what i am doing wrong. Hmm... Please bear with me.

Hope you all enjoy watching it as much as i had fun doing it. I welcome all suggestions on how to upload unto Youtube without losing the quality of an HD video and what else you may have  wanted me to include.

Thanking you all so, so much. Eeek :). Now your comments :).

 PEPLUM TOP: Cotton Express // SKATER SKIRT: Sans Souci  // PURSE: Stedmans // HEELS: Express // NECKLACE: Ardene.


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