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Oh my, this was not just an ordinary shoot. Love the wind, but where is it when you really need it? When you don't it comes in full force and with a little bit of an attitude. Ha, ha, ha. Barely got a shot of this lovely pleated white skirt by Mexx without having to hold it down here and there so i didn't flash the passersby and on lookers by accident. Oh my gosh i guess it was interesting and fun but i hope you are able to see the real beauty of this very simple pleated skirt that i think is so modest and yet so chic in its own way.

I can't get enough of prints but it looked more like a painting on one side of the skirt. When you rub your fingers on it, it is feels like the design was hand painted on the skirt. Feels so smooth too. Secretly, i wished the skirt was a little bit above the knees but after trying it on, i loved it just as is. Paired it with the striped top and a pair of gold and silver heels. I think this would be a great outfit for a lunch date, dinner with friends or day and evening time events. I can definitely see myself wearing it from day to night easily.

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments.
                                                      TOP: Streetwear Society // SKIRT: Mexx // HEELS: Express


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