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I think one of the coolest fall essentials is a nice trench coat that gives whatever you may be wearing underneath it a great lift or a beautiful cover up. It's really all in the trench coat. If you are like me, who always seems to rush out of the house all the time because i can't seem to manage my time, therefore grabbing anything in sight to wear quickly, then you know a good trench coat always saves the day. Or some days you just really, really want to dress down and keep it completely simple. Or maybe you still really want to wear some of your summer pieces anyway....then welcome to my club. We need to find a name for it soon you know and a hashtag :). Which brings me to the question:

What Is Underneath My Trench Coat?

This full length double breasted trench coat is long enough, big enough, warm enough with the flattering wide collars that can be buttoned up or left to lie flat... and did i say red enough to distract you, me and anyone else from really caring about my outfit underneath. A trench coat this simple yet loaded with character and personality does make any of my outfits underneath feel so much more than what they really are. The beauty of Fall season. Well, until i decide to reveal the big ol' secret by taking it off. Hahahaha.

In this case, i am wearing three of my casual summer outfitsunderneath the trench coat because i still love them enough to wear into Fall and the weather on this faithful day was just right. Before revealing each outfit i was wearing in the photos, i decided to show you the before and the after (That is, showing you the trench coat all buttoned up with the outfit underneath).  So you can see why i really do think the trench coat does make the outfit. No? 

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments .

                                                                                  Oufit #1

                                                                               Romper By Ripe

                                                                              Outfit #2
                                                                             Dress by Element

                                                                            Outfit #3
                                            Tadaa!  Okay, i cheated a bit here. I switched hats for a second....
                                                         Top By Joe Fresh // Overall By First Kiss // Hat via Stitches

                                                                               Hat By Ardene

                                                       Trench Coat By Ladea // Boots By Planishere // Bag By Fiona

Obviously, you can all tell, it may still be summer under my trench coat. The only thing you won't catch me wearing underneath my trench is a swim wear :D                                                
 Trench Coat By Ladea // Boots By Planishere // Bag By Fiona


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