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How many times have you wished you had the same kind of wardrobe fun times Carrie Bradshaw had with her girlfriends in Sex And The City? Or even just simply compared their friendship with what you have with your girlfriends? Well, i have. Even while still watching the reruns today. My favorite part is when they all call on each other when there is "trouble in paradise" and then they meet up to discuss. Their girl talk is so entertaining but you always seem to gain a lot from it. Besides the fact that they choose the best spots to meet, greet, talk, cry and laugh, their outfits are always a breathe of fresh air.

I love my girlfriends and constantly miss them, but due to circumstances beyond our control we all can't live in the same city...anymore. Life may have taken us all  through different paths but the bond will always be there. Through blogging, i have even gained more friends than i ever expected (Thank you).

Girlfriends bring the best out of you...i know mine do. Sometimes we are all too busy with our lives but when we find a minute or two to meet up for some girl talk, it is always one of the best times ever. Sure your bestie could be a guy but there is nothing like a girl talk no matter how many men you have in your life.  The beauty of having great girlfriends is how brutally honest they can be especially when it comes to outfits. If i were meeting up with my girlfriends, i thought this would be an ideal outfit because they are very stylish ladies, it is an easy wear from day to night. It is very flattering, feminine and trendy. It is a two piece print on print made with a soft, stretchy fabric it makes you move very freely. The prints even help fade out a frontal bulge after a heavy lunch with friends ;). Hanging out with my friends for lunch sometimes gets to become so much fun they want to party afterwards and you can't say, no. I think this outfit will do. Hahaha. Fun times.

Friends become family. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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            PRINTED TOP & SKIRT: Stella Tweed Via Winners (Marshalls)  // PURSE: Victoria Secret // HEELS: Express


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