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                                                   Going From The Runway To My Way

While i will not go on about how tartan is obviously a huge trend right now, may i just say, i am all over it. Runways this last fashion month poured out some amazing tartan pieces and seriously, school uniforms and the Scottish skirts have never looked any cooler. That said, trends come and go. With tartan, i noticed you can only stretch is so far. The patterns will always be around for a long time...probably forever but i just think this is a fashion phase that will wear out just like many others. No? Well, before that happens i thought it would be nice to find ways to stretch it a little bit by showing you three different looks i came up with using one pleated tartan skirt and a few old pieces from my closet:  Going From A Weekend Look To A Work Day Look.

The weekend for some us is spent running errands and doing house chores. While for some, it is a time to relax with friends and family, catching up on lots or what not. Either way, the idea is to be comfortable and stylish while having a great weekend. Right?

My First Weekend Look
It is sweater and long sleeve season which was why i opted for this white long sleeved top with an obvious print that i thought was perfect for the tartan skirt. Underneath this long sleeved top, i have on a white tank top for extra warmth. The leather boots, jacket and bag gives the tartan and the whole look some edge to it.  This weekend look for me, is most ideal when i have to meet up with friends for brunch, lunch, drinks or dinner. Also perfect for the movies or simply enjoying a weekend out and about town for both day and evening.

Kindly excuse the photos. It rained so heavily during the shoot, but i wanted to continue...

                                Long Sleeve Top : Stitches // Leather Jacket: Dynamite // Leather Bag By Saks

My Second Weekend Look 
There are some weekends where some of us, such as moms who do some never ending errands and shop for groceries, need to wear very comfortable outfits. Well, what i did here was pair a sleeveless denim top and denim jacket with the tartan skirt. A pair of comfortable flats in red brightens up the whole look.

                             Denim Jacket & Sleeveless Denim Top By Bluenotes // Flats By Rocket Dog

Now, the weekend is over and it is time to shed all that weekend look...except for the tartan skirt. Yaay!

My Workday Look
Finally, with this workday outfit i have on, it is pretty much a two in one outfit- From day to night. For those working 9-5, i know it is not all the time you do get to go straight home after work which is why "The Happy Hour" was created in bars and restaurants anyway. Usually prices drop between that time on drinks and food. Nice or what? My take on that, always be prepared. Which was why for this look, i started with the sleeveless top, then moved on to wear a waist coat over it. Just my little twist on things ;). It would have been safe to wear a black blazer but adding some color to work clothes never hurts. It will always brighten up the whole look. Therefore, the choice of a red jacket which is a color that can also be found on the prints of the skirt. Now are you over tartan already or what? :D

                                    Jacket By Talbot // Tartan Skirt By Jones New York // Pumps By Mossimo For Target

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments


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