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Come on, how many times have you sat in front of a closet full of clothes, dropped your head in your hand and mumbled to yourself saying, "I have nothing to wear"? Or kept everyone and anyone waiting because you can't seem to find something to wear while rummaging through racks and racks of clothes? Maybe a million times? Could this be because you always seem to buy a lot of clothes you really can't wear or don't have any business having?

Been there done that.

I am sure you recognize the outfit i have on in this post. These photos were taken on the same day as the one i posted about in an earlier post a couple of months ago. The only obvious difference is that i had on a pair of denim shorts instead of these leggings. At the time, i opted for the shorts because it was the look i was going for. Besides being indecisive, i guess one of the reasons i was able to do that was because i had to change the way i shopped. Really? You ask?

Right before i started this blog i had just started working on building a new wardrobe again. After a series of body changes, especially after having a baby, moving from a cold country to a much colder country then to a tropical country and finally back, having clothes with tags hanging in my closet without ever wearing them, i felt it was time to make some rules- One that worked. It was a little challenging at first but it was just the smart thing to do.

I will share a few of some the keys things i put into consideration to help me out:

1- My lifestyle: Buying clothes that suit my current everyday life.

2- Discipline: I love pantsuits but i never really have anywhere to wear them to.. right now. So buying one every time i see a nice one is silly. Owning a couple is okay.

3- Dresses: More is more. I can wear them all year round- As tops, bottoms, jackets and more.

4- Denim: Never goes out of style.

5- Pants: skinnies, leggings... and more pants: Easy to pair with almost anything. They are so comfortable and chic.

6- Jackets: Adding at least one black leather jacket to my collection of a few jackets helped. It can be worn with any outfit and it adds an edge to the look.

7- Shoes: I shared that in my previous post. So i will spare you.

Please feel free to interrupt me if you disagree with any of these :). A few months later into it and it has worked so well for me.

How do you shop for your closet?

Thanks For Reading. Now Your comments
                    T-SHIRT: Parasuco // LEGGINGS: Guess // BOOTS: Dollhouse // BAG: Guess // JACKET: Dynamite


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