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Yes, you read the post correctly and i promise you i did not make it up. These are real names with real people living in two separate parts of the world but were brought together through a passion they both share..besides having the same name- Fashion.

Sometimes we can't control events or things that happen in our lives, such as love, the weather and maybe the Internet but one thing we can do for sure is make the best out of the situation. Well, last week i hosted my first blog party and so many amazing bloggers joined (I am really thankful) but one very significant thing happened-

Two personal style bloggers with very similar names, Alina Dinh & Lina Dinh met for the first time ever.

 After Alina from Style By Lina had spotted Lina's blog link, "Love Between The Racks" and found out she almost stole has the same exact name as hers, it's almost inevitable not to search deeper and say hi. So she did. She went ahead and introduced herself. I had known both of them separately and even kept in touch with both through blogging. I meant to introduce them but i think sometimes we get too carried away with ourselves we tend to forget to put others first. I am sorry. So imagine my joy when they connected and hopefully become great friends from this experience. One thing that struck me about these two gorgeous ladies is how both of them pay attention to styling details- They know their stuff. In every outfit post they publish, they never fail to show a lot of their personalities in their ways of styling. Outstanding!

Isn't it a small world? Have you ever met anyone with the same name as yours in the most unexpected circumstances?

Sorry Lina and Alina if you are reading this but whatever happens at the TFSF Blog Party does not always stay at the TFSF  party. Sharing is caring and love is never saying you are sorry ;). Thanks for joining the party ladies <3.

It was such a pleasure having everyone at the party. Next one will be live in a couple of hours so check back to submit your blog links to start connecting with more bloggers and to inspire others.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

Photos credits: Lina Dinh's photos from her blog: Love Between The Racks
                        Alina Dinh's photos from  her blog: Style By Lina

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