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I would need you to take a deep breath on this one because i know some may think wearing a slip dress as an outfit is a whole new level of fashion trend gone bonkers. Hahaha. I know, i get it but i think it just brings sexy back. My suggestion, it is perfect for date nights with your boo, especially dinner dates. If you are not too sure about this look then ask your girlfriends to wear one too with you next time you all do a girls' night out and see how easy and fun it gets.
I do love the texture affair going on in this look- Lace meets satin meets wool and it all comes together so nicely to give a sweet, romantic, fun and feminine look. Maybe a middy or maxi would have been a more subdued and "less is more" look but i decided to wear a pair of tights for a little coverage. The long coat i do adore. The only thing i may change is the bag. I think a black would have been more perfect.
Whose poker face is more convincing? Mine or the statue of that little soldier behind me? My poker face here is so hard to believe- Dusty.  Hahaha.
Now let me share a little secret with you all- This is really a slip/sleepwear by Victoria Secret that i whipped out and turned into a slip dress outfit. Now you may breath. Holiday date nights anyone?

Is the trendy slip dress idea of an outfit for you or you'll rather pass?

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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