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Sometimes we look far and wide for something special when what we want is just so simple and  right there in front of us. If there is one jelly i would put a stamp of approval on, it would be the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. This is a product that has been so successful for decades and it already sells itself. So i am not pitching a Vaseline sales promotion here if you know what i mean. I just want to share a few personal experiences and great things about this "underdog" drug store product that i know you will find extremely useful for a life time. While these facts may not be news to most, i believe it is worth sharing with those who don't know and a great reminder for those who already do. Without wasting anymore of your time, let's get started.

I always used an eye makeup cleanser for like forever until one day, i saw my roommate and awesome friend in university apply some Vaseline on her eyes to remove her eye makeup. I was fascinated by that, tried it and i have never bought an eye make up cleanser since then. WHY?

a. It doesn't burn or sting like most eye make up removers.

b. It not only cleans every single bit of my eye makeup but leaves the skin around my eyes nice and well moisturized. Unlike cleansers that dry up your skin. A moisturizer and cleanser in one? Winner!

c. It is so thorough, quick and easy. I only have to apply a little bit of Vaseline on a cotton bud and i just wipe. I never have to worry about bits of mascara or eye liner left between my eyelashes and eye lids after cleaning like it happens with cleansers.

When the skin starts to dry up during winter, i apply some Vaseline all over to keep my skin moisturized all day before applying my other fancy body creams. It also heels any dry spot on my skin instantly.

I developed very dark lines of wrinkled-like marks on my lower left arm and wrist from having to carry my daughter quite often when she was a new born. Without much thought, i decided on my own to start applying some Vaseline on it regularly and believe you me, those lines are almost completely faded. Now my arm looks just as good as new.

Most babies often break out with rashes on their face, neck, back and shoulders at some point and my daughter did when she was 8 weeks old. When her pediatrician asked me to simply apply some Vaseline regularly on her, i was a little doubtful but it worked. It was all gone within a short period of time. Good to know doc!

Winter causes so much dryness on the skin and that includes the lips. This calls for some extra protection by applying Vaseline on my lips first before my lip balm, then lastly, i apply my gloss or lipstick. I use a Q-tip to rub in the Vaseline for a smooth, even, more effective and lasting result. This has really helped protect my lips from the harsh winter weather while still trying to look cute ;). The holiday also means lots of hugs and kisses, why not give the best kisses with some pretty lips :).

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is what i call a miracle in a jar and it is the best $5 you could ever spend. It is winter and the weather is at its driest causing our skin to dry and crack. Sometimes the expensive and fancy beauty product does not always cut it. How do you protect yourself?

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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