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LuxLock Earrings and clutches
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! To all my fellow Canadians, Happy Family Day! To celebrate this hearts day and because of the love I have for you all, my friends at Dama Jewelry who manufacture the LuxLock, and I have decided to give a lucky winner a pair of 14K Gold Cubic Zerconia Earrings with the LuxLock clutches (a $120 value)! Just like the set i told you all about here. Cosidering how often we lose earrings everyday, who wouldn't want a secure and reliable back lock for their earrings? Wait, wait, that is not all. Even if you don't get to win this giveaway, you all receive 20% off your purchase of your own LuxLock. To purchase, just send them an email. Woohoo!! I am really excited about this and i know in my heart you all deserve it. Thanks to my friends at Dama Jewelry.

Just a few simple rules and you will be on your way to also owning these classic gems that i am currently so in love with. Yes, it is open worldwide and at the end of two weeks a winner will chosen at random. Thank you all!

1. If you are not officially a friend of The Fashion Stir Fry, you may do so by following on any of these platforms: Facebook, Bloglovin, Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Google+, Instagram   Google+ Page and Pinterest.

2. "Like" the Dama LuxLock Facebook Page.

3. Leave in the comment section below, and if you also want, on Dama LuxLock Facebook Page telling us briefly of a time when you wished you had a pair of LuxLock because it could have prevented the loss of a valuable (monetary or sentimental) pair of earrings. So when you get a pair, it will never happen again!

4. Tell your friends, mom, aunts, sisters and more about this lovely company- Dama LuxLock by sharing on your social media platforms or on your blog. Invite them to Like their Facebook Page. The more you share, the better your chances of winning.

5. Finally, please remember to leave your email in the comment section below or their Facebook Page so we can contact you if you win.

This Giveaway was updated February 19th 2014 by including a Rafflecopter to keep all entries more organized. If you already entered before please feel free to do so again through the Rafflecopter. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a photo of mine in silver that i am wearing in the photo up there, here, here and you are about to see below how i styled it with a colorful dress. I paired the dress with my gorilla faux fur vest and a pair of thigh high boots. I like how the earrings just light up my face.

                           14K SILVER CUBIC ZERCONIA EARRINGS AND CLUTHCES: LuxLock

Photos taken by me.

You Need To Watch This LuxLock Video:

Everyone's crush...lately, top designers' darling and fast emerging fashion icon- Lupita Nyong'o, who can do no wrong was spotted wearing a simple yet so dainty pair of earrings and she looks stunning in them! She is sitting front row next to Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor at the Calvin Klein's Fall 2014 Collection Show during New York Fashion Week 2014. And you know that only means one thing- She's got style!
 Photo credit: APTV, AP via ctpost

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments.

 It is always what is in your heart that matters because at the end of the day everything else is ..... 

Love is not a big thing but a million little things.

Happy Love Day and Family Day (in Canada) !!!


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