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Come on ladies, admit you do get smitten by a boyish charm especially when a guy is trying to scoop you. Oooh, do i hear giggles? Hahaha. Cute when a guy can be so charming, right? But even cuter is the tomboy in every girl. So much so sometimes, you show it through your style. I am sure you all are familiar with the pixie haircut every girl once dreamed of wearing or probably did...maybe once. Oh yeah, i totally did. Same with hats- I love my hats as you all know, and a simple little accessory like a hat can change a whole look. So also does the detailing in a piece like the collars of my simple white shirt which can be worn overlapping the collar of my patterned coat or tucked in neatly. Collared shirts and paperboy hats- Very English. No? Well, my boyish ways got a little distressed in the knees for some chic points. Can't help that my tough girly side just won't give in.

I think it is always so cool to see a lady pull off a boyish look just as much as she can make a bodycon gown look like a diamond in the rough. No, no, no, i am not that lady.... But even if i don't think i can pull off an androgynous look or any outfit at all that i really like, i love taking risks. I believe having the right attitude or poise can make an outfit look so much like it was planned with a befitting sense of majesty. Well, i tried... while running errands a few days ago in my metallic gold combat boots .

                                                                 Who was i wearing?
    HAT: Dakine // SHIRT: Suzy // COAT Designed in Italy: BLUNAUTA // GOLD BOOTS: Bamboo

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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