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You all are probably thinking this was what i wore for St. Patrick's Day. Sorry but you are wrong and i mean dead wrong. If i could walk up to the sky for a quick minute, i would love to go up there just to give the sun in Alberta a very big hug and say, "Thank you." The only thing is, it wouldn't be a good idea. Er, you all know what happens when fire burns. Even when the weather here keeps acting so indecisive sometimes we still manage to get a bright light. Better know now, that does a lot for me. A beautiful day is always a perfect start to a good day. So good it tickles and inspires my outfit for that day.

We were heading to the city for some brunch so with the already beautiful weather and sunny day I was inspired to wear the big "L"- Leather.....or more like Leatherette. Knowing with that slight warmth you get from the beautiful sun when it hits your skin, i needed to keep things a bit light. So i thought it would be best to pair this light green leather jacket with a pair of black, soft faux leather pants which I also call the leatherette pants. Haven't you noticed how popular faux leather is lately? Without a doubt they are quite stylish and easy to clean, No? Well, i got my leather on leather outfit and i completed the look with my grey leather boots. With those boots, i am starting to believe grey goes with pretty much everything. Regardless of what the weather guy may report, i am so stuck on Spring right now i am just about moving on to Summer already. Oh, you laugh...hahaha, me too but it is okay to dream.
                                                                  Who am i wearing?
   JACKET: Joy // PRINTED TOP: Vahdet Triko // PANTS: Persunmall (Sold out) // Boots: Unknown  

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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