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It must come as a shock to you all i refuse to talk about the weather here but i am rather happy to talk about a new collaboration i had with My Monogram Necklace. It is an online jewelry store that makes handmade jewelries and let's you personalize it.

It is funny how easy you might think it is when you are asked to put the initials you want on a necklace only for you to realize things just got really personal now. Hahaha. Of course you love all the five hundred people that make up your family or even the three million people in your life but what if you have only room for three. I understand it doesn't even have to be about family or friends, it could be any three letters with some sort of significance in your life but if you are like me, family before anything and that was the first thing that came to mind. Am i wrong? Well with William's help, i came to the conclusion to use both our initials and our daughter's- WBD. After all, they are my very own family and it's just us three anyway which worked out perfectly.

While there were so many other gorgeous designs to choose from, this gold over silver monogram necklace with a turquoise background was more appealing and it stood out to me. It is such an easy piece to wear with any outfit.

On the order form, i got a chance to choose the length i wanted which was awesome. So i decided on an 18 inch (45cm) Adult length. Just perfect enough for it to fall gracefully on my neck.

I just love the daintiness of this gold chain and the turquoise blue background. It is rather different from any necklace i have ever had and that turquoise blue color is so Spring/Summer. I remember when it came in the mail in record time by the way, i was so thrilled to see it look just like it did on their website and even better. Plus these two very special initials on my necklace- Priceless! Also knowing i could always pass it on to my sweet little one someday, one day made me even happier.
                                   NECKLACE: My Monogram Necklace Gold On Silver

They can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

Photos taken and edited by me.

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