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Gaah, is there anyone else out there saving a dress or an outfit for that perfect moment or time, you know....a reason to wear it? To the point where you hang it outside your closet so every time you walk into your room you see it and nod. I am that girl and this sheer dress with  roses sewn into it is that dress. The moment we got our first warmest day ever in while still in Alberta, i didn't even think twice.

I had so many ideas going through my head of how this sweet, simple piece could be worn. I know it is only a dress but i find little details like the roses on it to be fascinating. First, i thought it would be so perfect to wear over a bathing suit or a bikini on a beach somewhere. Then i also see it being worn at home while you lounge in your living room reading or something. But i thought it was too elegant to wear too too casually so i wore it like i would wear a caftan- over my pants. Considering the fact that it is full sheer, the weather really wasn't hot enough to expose my legs anyway but i was thrilled. We all know sheer is another cool trend this Spring/Summer and i plan on wearing more of similar pieces like this but would you?

                                          The cute horses took off as soon as i got there. Aww....

                                                                   Who was i wearing?
SHEER DRESS: Emblem // WHITE DENIM PANTS: Bluenotes // HEELS: Obsessions HAT: L.L.Bean

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Adorable DIY Chocolate Flowerpot Cake

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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