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Have you ever been so excited about leaving your home to go "out" only to find out this outing may end up being at the mall...again? Doesn't it always seem like every time you are not sure where else to go, a shopping mall always ends up being the easier choice by default? Especially when it is cold outside and you just don't want to deal with it. This was how our Sunday ended up unfolding. We had other plans in mind, but the weather is just too sporadic to compete with these days. So rather than giving up to go back to the hotel, we thought we could just walk through an outlet mall in Calgary.

In my attempt to quit guessing what the temperature might end up being like as we go about our day, i kept my outfit comfy and easy. I wore a pretty warm jacket cozy enough to beat any Winter/Spring chills, a light shirt in case it warms up for good, then i can throw away the jacket. To keep my feet in check, i wore my "Forrest Gump" boots (i could run in them for days), a hat because i can and finally my cross body bag because they are stylish enough to keep my hands free.

         HAT: L.L.Bean // JACKET: Seductions // DENIM PANTS: JOE Fresh // BAG: Calvin Klein 

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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