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Hi there everyone! Yes, it has been a very crazy week since we arrived here which explains the gaps between posting. Oh  my, i don't even know where to begin but i can confidently say, my readers are the best ever!! Most of who i call, very lovely friends and family. Thank you all for the great support and wonderful messages since i mentioned my relocation....again. No worries, i will spare you the awesome details but i am sure you would like to know that after 32 hours drive from Alberta...

A few drive keep the metabolism active...

Endless cups of coffee...because caffeine rocks!!

Passing the night at random hotels...... because we are human and sometimes we can't fight nature- I love to sleep and shower. Although, the hotels may seem random at the moment, they all ended up being so much better than we expected (Phew!)...

I mean, check out the waterfall at one hotel lobby we stayed at. Don't judge, they are all about creating lasting impressions.
...And all that green wall? Come on, you can't touch that ;).

So how did i make it through this 4-Day road trip with my hand bag? I am really not sure, but what i can definitely tell you for sure is, every time i am traveling, i pack like i am going to fight a war or something similar. There are a few things i tend to have as doubles or in threes just for the the fear of running out or losing one in the middle of no where. That way, i can always call for back up... These are just a few of the essentials i took with me on this road trip and i tried to fit them all in my hand bag!! Oh boy.

I kinda like to know i have it all in my bag should in case....
I need to have at least 2 lip balms in my bag because i always lose them and i really don't like being without one. Let's just say i am not a huge fan of dry lips.

Got to have some mints, gummies and a Kit Kat bar. Something to munch on helps with some mouth exercise....

I always have to have a magazine to read when i travel. There is just pleasure in catching up on other people's stories...

Music is my soul. I may still be the only one using a nano in 2014 but as long as i can get my plays on hand, i am good to go.

Phone charger? Got to be socializing on the go!!

Makeup, makeup, making it all up for the road keeps my sleepy face awake!!

A few wipes a day keeps the germs away!

Is there anything else you think i am missing here besides my hair brush which wasn't necessary and a "What not to do list"?

So after a cold, wet, windy, slushy weather in the first 3 days of our drive...

 The 4th and last day was dry....

Then a few outfit changes.... this was the one i wore on the first day of the trip. I call it easy, breezy comfy and maybe cute. Hahaha. But it made moving around in the car a piece of cake.

Finally we made to the "Big TO" Toronto!!!

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Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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