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Hot Kiss Short Overalls
June is over lovely people!! Wow, days are flying by so quickly. As we move into the second half of the year i want to say thank you all for just being so ahh-maayzing. Well, i thought i should close out the month with this outfit. Not because it is so special but it was totally unexpected.

The overall is a comeback piece not a lot of people warmed up to just like the boyfriend jeans that never was but i am sure we all know where that story ended. The craze for it is unbelievably refreshing and that is what i think of this outfit. This look happened during the very Spring but could almost be summer kinda days and also because i always try to beat the odds in styling. Sometimes a repeated look may throw everyone in a rut we really don't want to get stuck in, make one a fashion victim or could just become a totally beautiful surprise. It's your call.

In the past few years i have enjoyed recreating an entirely unexpected look using old pieces in my wardrobe and believe me when i tell you it is a lot of fun. Try it.

Pairing a poncho with an overall could  be a perfectly laid back but playful look especially if it is denim. I chose to wear a pair of heels because let's face it, shorts and heels = hot!!! (If i could even achieve that).

Wishing you all an amazing and safe summer!!
Hot Kiss Short Overalls
                                                      SHORT OVERALLS: Hot Kiss (First Kiss)

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.


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