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Last summer i tried to share some of my favorite places in Toronto but the weather prevented things. Well, now i am back in one of the finest cities i have ever lived and i can't wait to show you all around.

Toronto is a lovely city packed with so much character and fun places to go to. I fell in love with this city from day one i got here and it will always have a special place in my heart. I thought it would be nice to start with cafes and then more fun places as time goes on.

Is anyone a coffee lover like me? Then you know finding a good cafe that serves great coffee is always a treat, right? Coffee shops with a little extra something you don't often find in a lot of other places. Everything is made with love. Perfect for meet ups, dates or some alone time. These are spots William and i go to most times we go for a walk together or just feel like having some good coffee.

1. Espression LavaAzza:

Lovely authentic Italian cafe that also serves gelatos. From the different types of pastries and sandwiches they serve, they seem to have something for everyone.  Be it vegetarian, health conscious folks or a sweet tooth like me.
Espessions LavAzza

 I can't remember what i saw but obviously, the facial expression says it all...
They have this delicious blueberry scone that i can't seem to get enough of and they run out pretty quickly too.

While William gets the Americano, i often get the Cafe Mocha and oh my gosh, DELISSSH!!The exciting part is, you can find Espression LavaAzza in so many of other parts of the world. Check out their locations here. There might just be one near you.

2. Bull Dog Coffee:

I think most and if not all Torontonians can swear by the coffee here. Ugh, totally made with love.

It is so popular for its coffee/latte art. Won competitions even worldwide for that. By the way, you can get a bull dog face on your latte too. How cool is that? I got a double heart on my cappuccino and William got an Americano looking lonely behind mine back there...
Bull Dog Coffee

I don't go as often as i would love to but each time i have been there, it just never disappoints. Great  spot to relax, read a book and just be yourself. Although it is quite small with a sitting area inside it also has a little patio sitting area too.
Bull Dog Coffee
 My cute looking cappuccino....
 That is the face of a happy customer.....

3. Dineen Coffee Company

This is a boutique coffee shop that opened its doors just last year May at the corner of Yonge and Temperence. 
Dineen Coffee Company

Boy, it is packed every time i pass by. I had never heard of Dineen before until one day i walked by and it was jumping. The first thing i said to myself was, "It has got to be selling more than just coffee." I immediately walked in and there it was- Coffee and coffee alone.....okay and some pastries but still. On my first visit there i got a Café au lait which was really good. I just wish it had more of the "au lait" part. I like my coffee milky. Regardless, the coffee was definitely quality.

It has an amazing patio sitting area and Canadians never shy away from that, but there was barely anywhere to sit inside anyway because it was full. This boutique coffee shop is so perfect for any kind of date- First, second and many more.
Dineen Coffee Company
                                                                        Who am i wearing?
                                  TOP: Bluenotes // SKIRT: Forever 21 // HEELS: Marc Fisher

Hope you enjoyed my day trip to all three of my favorite Toronto Cafes. It was a really beautiful day to shoot and be outside so i chose to walk to all three cafes for this shoot. By the time we were done, i was done. It was so much fun at the end of the day but if you are in Toronto or plan to be in Toronto, do stop by these Cafes.

*Not a sponsored post. This is all me and photos too.

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.


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