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Perfect Women's Tennis Outfit By Divissima
I know what you are thinking, and no, it's not. But i know Serena Williams can't top this. Oooh... ;).

I think we sometimes forget dating isn't always about bonding over who's got the best sushi wrap, how my dessert looks better than yours or deciding over red wine or white wine. When i first started dating, i always thought it was so nerve racking and so by the book. It always felt like an interview and you are hardly really your real self the whole time. Come on let's be honest. If the date is going too well, the excessive giggling sets in and if it is not, you feel like choking on some bread. Soon i realized it was best to let things happen naturally before heading straight to a date, date. You know, get to know each other better on a more relaxed level where it is easy to just be you and let your guards down. With no pressure, just fun things that bring out the best in both of you...or worst?
Perfect Women's Tennis Outfit By Divissima
I think a little competitive game can get all the butterflies and sparks rolling without having to worry about spilling anything. I will know that. I played sports a lot growing up and loved it. Part of dating is hoping to share some common interest with your potential love interest, right? Well, a cute tennis outfit is all you have to worry about at least for this court date.

This piece from Divissima that was made to order is such a cutie. The sequins on the top and the color is really what got my attention. The fabric feels smooth on the skin and comfortably stretchy to wear. Although,  i won't recommend playing in heels and necklace but they are great styling pieces. This tennis outfit is flattering without looking like you are trying, but let's not forget to wear  a pair of shorts underneath that short little skirt if you want a keeper.
 Perfect Women's Tennis Outfit By Divissima
Perfect Women's Tennis Outfit By Divissima
Perfect Women's Tennis Outfit By Divissima

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