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If you don't mind me asking, what is your go to beauty survival item? Or maybe i should go first. Okay, mine is a red lipstick. Usually, i would say, eye liner or a mascara, but lately i don't seem to have enough time to properly wear my makeup, so i rush out wearing at least a red lipstick. That takes so much attention away from my not so great makeup kinda day. Besides, i wear light makeup generally and even lesser makeup while hanging out in the beautiful hot weather here in Turks and Caicos Islands. My Kate Moss red lipstick goes everywhere with me for those emergencies when i need a quick  peck up of my face, look or mood especially through out a long day, and it never disappoints.

Influencers such as, Cara Brook from Maskcara,  Kate Bryan from The Small Things,  Ellie Fowler from All That Glitters21 shared some interesting makeup essentials they keep in their bags and why on Macy's Beauty Survival Kit and you will be just as surprised as i was. Tennis ball anyone?

What is the Beauty Survival Kit anyway? It is an interactive guide that features products and tips from beauty and style experts that will keep women looking great when they are on the go. You can click on each item here to find expert tips for using them. For those interested, you get a free gift on your purchase such as, a Free 5-pc Bare Escentuals Gift Set or Urban Decay Eye Pencil (It varies weekly).

So you thought you were quirky until you read what these influencers keep in their bags, hahaha. Now it's your turn to share what your must-have beauty essential or item is in the comment below. Secrets are welcome.

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