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I think a confident woman shouldn't be afraid to take up a challenge thrown at her at any given time. Even if you fail, it only gets you closer to winning. Okay what are we winning her you ask?

Sunday here in Turks is slow and quiet. Most businesses are closed but you will find a few restaurants open. Well, i chose to step out in my pink tropical print boxy dress with some "fringe benefits" to have the best soft fish tacos ever at Hemingway's Restaurant. A nice, family friendly restaurant on the beach. While it is always nice to wear an outfit that flatters my shape, body or height, i do like a boxy dress or a shift dress every once in a while. It could be structured or flowy, it will still make me feel free and confident. It is more relaxing in the sense that, i feel so comfortable all day. Not worrying about underwear lines showing in awkward places or having the fear of a food belly growing under there. So freeing, right?

After trying out boxy pieces in the past and failed in some, i realized the best way to wear it is to keep a pair of heels on to elongate the torso.

Photos were shot at The Sommerset On Grace Bay, Provedenciales before heading to Hemingway's Restaurant. Just a 5 minute walk apart.

I was wearing:
Resort Wear Boxy Dress: Impressions Boutique at Grace Bay, Providenciales


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