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Noooo, not me, the hair! Yes, i tried on something new for the first time and that is putting clip-in hair extensions in my hair. I think in my life time, i have tried everything a girl can think of when it comes to hair, but clip-ins? This is the first. I was really curious as to how it would feel wearing them all day and even how to put them in. So I had to do a quick You tube impromptu crash course on this one. Low and behold, it was so easy, I was like, duh. I completely laughed at my ignorance but at least now i know. Look, if you don't know something, don't ever feel ashamed to ask or find out. Knowledge is power! Hahaha.

My hair, yes that's right :), my hair which is a 20 inch Royal Remy Human Hair came in the mail quicker than the blink of an eye and the packaging was just too cute I tore into it so quickly i forgot to take a shot to share with you. Then i t started to put them in. Snap, snap they were in and firm. I put them in layers to blend in to give my hair some extra volume. I tried it on for a day and real talk, it was so light in my hair, i almost forgot i had it on. The clips latched in so tightly and even stayed in the entire day. The hair itself which is by Irresistible Me is silky soft, adds some extra length to my hair in just a very few minutes. The only thing i would have done differently was to trim the ends, curl it to give it more volume and some full body waves so it blends in properly with the entire hair. This is my first, so kindly bear with me... i am working on it :). Will I wear it again? Absolutely!
IRRESISTIBLE ME: Clip-in Human Hair Extensions Review
IRRESISTIBLE ME: Clip-in Human Hair Extensions
IRRESISTIBLE ME: Clip-in Human Hair Extensions


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