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Summer may be over but i am still hot for some colorful pieces.

I told myself the other other day, this year, i would try as much as possible to stick with the dress code by staying as warm as possible this cold season and possibly try to be as creative as can be with fall outfits.

I am sure you all know i always have a blast with summer outfits but with time, i have i do know finding outfits that can be edgy, fun and chic during fall is definitely possible. This little hot pink jacket paired with the printed shorts and a pair of knee-high boots sure makes fall look exciting already. Anyway, i plan on having fun with some fall/winter pieces than i have ever done. Fingers crossed :)
Knee High Boots x Jacket x Shorts
Knee High Boots x Jacket x Shorts
Knee High Boots x Jacket x Shorts
I am wearing 
BomberJacket: Seduction
Shorts: Forever 21 (Love 21)
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

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