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I don't need to attend a million events to know when an event leaves me feeling more confident than ever as a person and as a blogger/influencer. No, we were not handed magic wands at the DX3 Empower event but it sure felt like it :). It felt good to know that there are people out there who are watching, who care and appreciate what we do as bloggers/influencers in today's generation.

When I received the invite to attend the DX3 Empower a few months ago from DX3 Canada, I was really honored and excited. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what to expect but soon enough that day came and I almost thought I wasn't going to make it...but I did. Happy i did because i learned so much from fellow bloggers that attended, speakers and brand moderators.

As soon as i walked into the building, right as i was getting on the elevator, i met an Insta-friend who was also attending. We hugged and she was just so pleasant. We received our name tags with blog names on it at the door and we both quickly walked over to sit at the same table with a group of other influencers. Yes, it was a full house!

What I Wore!

The Talk!

The opening speech was by Wendy Nguyen from Wendy's Lookbook and her speech was so inspiring and very touching. I really didn't know much about her besides her being an awesome style blogger, but now, i think I may have to write a post on just her speech that day alone. I can tell you she is really very soft spoken in real life too which explains why she said she was always a very shy person. I could tell though, she is a natural fighter, an achiever, very ambitious, so driven and she obviously reaches for high goals. Her humble background and rough start as a kid never deterred her from her goals in life. I think she has done so well for herself thus far.
Photo via Dx3 Canada

She shared how she would sell her clothes on Ebay to buy a new bag or new pair of shoes. Every time she sold some things on ebay, she bought something new  for herself.
She saved up $3,000 many years ago when that was a big deal while working at Jamba Juice to save up for college while still in foster care. After a few rejection letters, she finally got accepted into Berkeley. She quit her job working with a top financial company twice to pursue her passion and look at where she is today. She really is an inspiration and I commend her for staying strong through it all.

Starting off as a blogger she saved up enough money to buy  a very good camera and always made sure her photos and videos were nothing short of quality. It is obvious she set a standard for herself and she followed it.

Reward Style
Wendy also disclosed the fact that Reward Style will be hitting a billion dollar in 2016 in sales made through bloggers/influencers. I was beyond impressed. That is the power of sharing and thanks to all the readers and followers who continue to support us. It's all because of you.

After a short break we came back to our tables and soon after, we were joined by some moderators from different brands. The idea was to talk about what influencers expect from brands and PR agencies, if the shift of power from brands to bloggers may be happening already or in the nearest future, issues we are dealing with when working with brands and the power behind blogger transparency.
Photo via Dx3 Canada
The moderator at our table was Bryan Gold, who is the co-founder of  #Paid.  

One of the most interesting topics we discussed was:
The blogger/influencer transparency to readers and followers. He showed us examples of how an influencer's followers thanked him for disclosing that a particular post was an ad or a sponsored post by including #ad #sponsored to his post.
Bryan advised us to know our value and worth as influencers. We all know the power of social media these days and I couldn't agree more. His company, #Paid, connects celebrity influencers with brands to help them increase their presence on social media and boost sales. He also shared one of their websites which helps you know what you are worth on Instagram and also shows your level of engagement.

Want to know your worth? Find out on reachignition.com

He also asked us, when do we draw a line between a sponsored post or a regular post? In other words,

"Why as influencers do we refuse to include the #ad or #sponsored to a post?"

Hahaha, that question sure stirred up something in me that i had no clue was there because my response to that was:

"When you collaborate with a brand and you work very hard on a post such as, standing in the cold to take photos for the post, traveling distances to shoot at certain locations so it can be awesome and being as creative as possible to deliver nothing short of perfect. Then you email the brand your post links and photos, but you don't even get a response or as little as a thank you. That for me, draws the line. But then, it is okay because the way I look at it is, someone else will pick up from that work, appreciate it, and it will help open other doors. 

Hahaha, that #ad will quickly turn to #personal. Am I wrong?


Okay, when you give a girl a lip gloss, you know you have just made her day. Then you have her create her very own lip gloss by asking her to pick out from the different colors on the table and within minutes, it is in a tube. That was one of the highlights of the event for me when Annabelle Cosmetics happily customized lip glosses for us right there and then. Cool and cute or what? Create your own lip gloss too on their website using My Lab.

Photo via Dx3 Canada

The folks from Joseph Nogucci were there to introduce their new line of bracelets named after all the subway stations in Toronto and even gave us one to take home.

The Wild North was running a cool giveaway for one of their really cosy winter coats. I will tell you more about them in an upcoming post. I wonder who won that coat, hahaha.

Some of the other brands that were there to connect with us were Zipcar, Daniel Christian Tang, IZEA and more.

All in all, it was a very inspiring event. I wish i could share every single detail of everything we discussed but we will be here until tomorrow :).
While I would be happy to share my answers to all of the questions Bryan asked us, I would love to hear what you also have to say in the comment section below. So here are 2 questions he also asked:

1. Why do we think followers follow bloggers/influencers?
2. As content writers, what makes your readers come back to read your posts? Is it because of your content or your personality?

Non-bloggers are free to share their thoughts too please :).

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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