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Because Traveling Is A Short(s) Story About That Flat Life

Even though my two nights in St Kitts & Nevis was rather quick, i have to be honest i left richer than when i went there. By rich, i mean in soul and knowledge. As a person who loves to learn more about other culture and history, i couldn't be more excited and happy about my visit to the Brimstone Hill Fortress and it was breathtaking.

I don't think there is a manual for "What to wear when traveling because you have no clue what is in store". While it is okay to plan a nice trip, you can't really prepare yourself for everything that may happen or what is to come to. Before leaving for the Brimestone Hill Fortress tour, i honestly had no idea what or how this place was, but boy, was i glad i decided at the very last minute to switch into a pair of shorts and of course a pair of comfortable flats. That top and the whole outfit was was so necessary considering it was a very hot day too, but even more so, there was a lot of walking up several stairs... and walking in general involved. I will share more about my day in Brimestone in another post because it is a very interesting place.

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