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Gay Lea: The Joy Of Eating, Cooking And Baking With Butter // 1 Year of Gay Lea Product Giveaway

Butter to me is a creamy delight of necessity when it comes to cooking, baking and eating. It adds great texture and flavor to food whether salted or unsalted. Plus it also helps seal in freshness.

For as long as i can remember, baking has always been a tradition in my home as a kid and of course that has influenced my love for baking and cooking today. Most especially during the holidays. There are tons of delicious meals and pastries that i would love to make everyday but  here is the thing, the joy of cooking or eating with butter can definitely be appreciated in small ways too. It can be served and enjoyed in various ways depending on the food.

Gay Lea butter is a product that sells itself and it is known for its creamy delicious flavor. The company takes pride in knowing their customers will always receive fresh and natural products and this is one of the many reasons it will always be a staple in my home.

I cook, bake and eat with butter but here are the four different ways i like to use my Gay Lea butter based on temperature and food type:

I love making pancakes but most especially banana pancakes at home from the scratch for breakfast and i love to use melted butter in my pancake mix recipe because it adds flavor.

Since i normally don't use syrup, when it comes to eating pancakes, french toasts or regular toasts, i like it served the butter softened. This makes it quicker or easier for the butter to melt in when the pancakes or french toasts are served hot.

Cake baking is like my first love and just like my pancakes, i love baking my cakes from the scratch. As part of the recipe, i like to whip the butter. This makes the cake fluffy, rich in flavor and helps seal in freshness.

From so many years of baking pastries such as, meat pies, rolls etc., I discovered the colder the butter, the better the taste, texture and crust of the pastry.

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