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Have you ever asked yourself, "Where does the food we eat really come from?" Okay, maybe I didn't grow up on a farm but there is always something about taking a trip to a farm that I find so humbling and youthful. It opens your heart and your eyes to the way the food we eat is grown and processed. It only makes you appreciate it some more. It is always easy to walk into the store and grab a crate of eggs, a gallon of milk or some spinach but knowing a little more about how they actually got there doesn't hurt. I visited the Riverdale Farm in Toronto yesterday and I hope to visit the Whittammore's Farm for their summer "Pick Your Own".

Coming from a country where everything we ate came straight from the farm and were freshly grown, makes me yearn for some of that now. Growing up, I visited farms a lot or at least someone in the family owned one and it was always fun to help out but I have to admit, it is not an easy job. Having this experience makes me appreciate and enjoy food more. Fresh food grown naturally tastes so much better and definitely inexpensive back home compered to what it is like here. That said, I may have to change my mind because in my search for some Ivanhoe Cheese products and Salerno Cheese products, all from Gay Lea of course, for my next recipe, I discovered stores that I honestly would be frequenting from now on. Why? They embrace and sell a huge variety of mostly farm fresh foods including dairy products from Gay Lea and from all over the world. You can immediately tell the difference in their uniqueness as soon as you walk in such as, Yummy Market which has a complete European feel to it.

Anyway, i ended up buying the Crotonese Salerno Cheese from Lady York store, another store that is carries fresh farm produce and instead of making a meal with it, i decided to cut it up into squares to eat as a snack on my trip to the farm. It was so satisfying, has a great texture and taste to it, plus it is very high in calcium. I will also suggest you add some meat like ham if you don't want to eat the cheese by itself to make a cheese on ham skewers for even a fuller taste of it. 

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Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.

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