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When the idea of creating a platform like Bloggers With Lenses, an online marketplace that connects bloggers to clients (individuals and brands/businesses) for paid opportunities, popped up in my head a while ago, it was mainly because I wanted to do more that just blogging. There was a need to give back to the community brewing inside me that couldn't be ignored anymore. I also wanted to help other bloggers grow, connect with readers, with friends, with followers, with all kinds of people from all walks of life, in the real world and of course with brands by stepping out of their comfort zone because there is a whole world out there that needs some of that breath of fresh air. So I had to figure out how to bring both worlds together - The blogging community and a charity program. Maybe not all bloggers are ready for this, but readers are and the blogging world has changed from what it used to be. So I launched a community that is inspired to give from a very genuine place.

When readers say they find product reviews by bloggers are not enough these days to convince them about a product because bloggers are gifted with these items or paid to promote it anyway. Or in cases where readers or followers see an outfit post and are influenced by that blogger to purchase the same outfit because it looks so picture-perfect. Only to discover after purchase, it isn't as perfect as it looks on them compared to that blogger. These little whispers of more transparency encouraged me to want to give readers or individuals the opportunity to work together with bloggers one-on-one by creating ways to make that happen. One of which is to book a blogger they would like to work with as their personal shopper in their city. This gives them a fun shopping experience they would probably have with a best friend but in addition to that, they get an extra help and tips in making the right choices with outfits from someone that already inspires them.

How Do You Hire A Blogger On Bloggers With Lenses As Your Personal Shopper?

Bloggers continue to sign up to get listed as personal shoppers on Bloggers With Lenses and they can get booked by going on the website and following these few steps here.

Working with brands is great and an opportunity that shouldn't be taken for granted. What I know in my years of working with brands is creating organic contents about a brand product is always very effective. It is always very refreshing and not to forget this is a product that will be used by individuals, so it only makes more sense if there is a way to show how it genuinely plays in a bloggers lifestyle.

How Do You Hire A Blogger Through Bloggers With Lenses As A Brand Ambassador?

Bloggers have to complete and submit a Brand Ambassador form. This form is reviewed and once it is approved, a profile page is created for the blogger. Brands can view their profile and if they decide to work with that blogger, they simply complete and submit a request form directly from the page. More details on brand collaboration and social media promotion for brands and businesses can be found on the website.

How Can Bloggers Find Photographers To Work With?

I know some of my blogger friends who would be happy to find an affordable photographer or a fellow blogger that can take really nice pictures for their blogs. I also know through the course of blogging, many bloggers have become self-made photographers and they are really good at it. That said, there are so many professional photographers out there working with bloggers too. With my blogger friends in mind, Bloggers With Lenses lets photographers, bloggers and individuals who take excellent photos list their services to get booked through its platform and their hourly rates are affordable. There is a website created exclusively for all types of photographers to list their services on there as well.

How Does Bloggers With Lenses Give Back To The Community?

This is my ultimate dream for Bloggers With Lenses and as we start to grow each day, it brings us closer to the plans laid out to give back to the community in the nearest future. We will definitely be sharing all the details soon.

Find out more about Bloggers With Lenses and I invite you to join our community

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