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Blanket Wrap

A blanket wrap isn't just called a wrap for nothing. I call it the missing piece to a fall layering puzzle and my not so secret weapon that seals the deal on how to achieve that clean, perfect fall look. A blanket wrap is a must-have in my closet, especially for fall and winter. I am sure many of you may already know layering can sometimes work as a trick to avoid wearing a heavy coat when it isn't really necessary but it just has to be done right in order not to make it look too basic and weirdly bulky in some cases. Well, this is where a blanket wrap saves the day.

There is no denying the fact that blanket wraps are cool to wear, they are trendy and of course very stylish which is why I always make sure to have one readily and available in my closet. Thing is, some of us often times struggle with how to layer perfectly without freezing, all in the name of trying to look cool, right? The best advice I give myself when I find it a little challenging is to put comfort first in order to get it right.

How To Layer Perfectly For Fall

Keep clothes as close-fitting as possible by starting from the very first layer then start working your way out. The idea is to try as much as possible to keep every single layer of the first couple of pieces as close to my skin as possible. This is to make sure as you put on more layers they don't get bulky but rather form fitting and clean. Below are a few pointers I take into consideration when I layer for fall to get that sleek chic look.

Suit Up
After deciding on which one of my cute bras and panties to wear for the day, next is a bodysuit. A bodysuit snaps the body into shape while also acting at the same time as a layer of protection from the cold.

Tighten Up
Never ever forget to keep the legs warm and a good pair of tights will do the work. If you want to wear a pair of knee-length socks on top of that depending on your type of shoes, please do, but keep in mind that you want every piece as fitted and clean as possible. So that even if you choose to wear a pair of your favorite skinny jeans or pants, with tights, you can still slide into them easily. Get a printed pair for your ripped jeans if you like.

Neck In
Turtle necks are timeless, all time chic pieces that will keep you warm from the neck down and easy to style. The close-fitting styles are one of the bests to wear with a blanket wrap because the wrap needs to fall flawlessly on you. Another great thing is they come in so many favorable colors for everyone. 

Wrap It Up With A Hit
Since it is blanket season which means it is time to wrap up and stay warm why not make it worthwhile -Go for a statement wrap!

Garage Blanket Wrap for women + Leggings + Over-the-knee Boots : Perfect for fall and layering
BLANKET WRAP for women by Garage
BLANKET WRAP for women
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A printed Blanket Wrap for women by Garage

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Blanket Wraps and Over-the-knee Boots

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