If shopping for a new item was like dating then i must be a "closet tramp" because i have cheated on every single dress, pants, top, shoes, bag and all that i may have in my closet. Every time i try to "walk" through the mall, i always end up going home with a few good items. What can i do? I can't quit the fine things in life.

I found this lovely dress during one of my walk-through-the-mall-but-don't-buy-anything days. Who am i deceiving? I spotted the dress immediately i walked into the Arden B. store in Montgomery mall, Maryland and i knew i wanted it. Believe me when i tell you, i contemplated on whether to buy it or not, but beautiful things always get the best of me. I knew if i left that store without her i was going to go home to bed thinking..... So what do i do? I cheated...again. It was true love this time...just like i said about every single outfit in my closet.

She is not the newest member in my closet but definitely one of  my favorites. Hope you like it as much as do.

Thank you all for reading.

ARDEN B. ASYMMETRIC DRESS: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ARDEN B. ASYMMETRIC DRESS: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 3/14/2013 Rating: 5


Natalie Leung said...

a very nice dress :)


Busola Coutts said...

Thank you Natalie. I am glad someone else likes it :). Love your blog by the way. Nice pictures.

Gian Viva said...

wonderfulll :)

Busola Coutts said...

aww thank you :)

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