Have you ever asked yourself, what are the few little things you have got to have no matter what?
Are you wondering where i am going with this? Well, i wish i could tell you but if you asked me what my picks will be, i can tell you i would panic just at the thought of it. I tend to over think things or situations sometimes therefore leading to having too many irrelevant things or submitting oneself to the unnecessaries.Well then, let me introduce you to what i call my "GIRL CRUSH"

I have an issue with caffeine, it is addicted to me. It sneaks into my earl grey tea and dark roast coffee, waiting there in my kitchen every morning begging to be brewed and drunk like it's doing me a favor. Sometimes it sneaks into my refrigerator, chills itself and pops out of a bottle with tiny bubbles and gives me a  refreshing effect that makes me go, "Aaaah!!"  all the time. Beauty. Life is good!

It doesn't matter what part of the world i am in or what the weather is like there, i have to have a chapstick with me in order not to put my lips through the horrors of dryness and harsh winter weather. On top of which i apply my lip gloss. You can't go wrong with a lip gloss even if i don't have any make up on. That is why it is called a gloss.

Some days i really don't feel like doing the whole nine yards of everyday makeup ritual. A mascara or two gives my eyes the sparkle and wakes them up. For the days where i have just a minute to rush out of the house, i dab some MAC Studio Fix powder on my face (it really fixes everything). Then i throw on a pair of my sunglasses which always boosts your confidence and often completes your look.

Now how does a blogger or even anyone these days live without access to data or social media on the go? My Android phone completes me people.

Sometimes it is so much easier to throw all of my "Girl Crush" in my  Ed Hardy purse. Some of which also include my card case, mints, a pen,  keys and maybe some. Especially if i don't have to carry my hand bag with me.

So there you have it. I could go on and on but i would spare you. These are just my few little reasons why  some of these few little things have got to have me in their sweet little lives.

What are your top five "must haves"?

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Ilya Trifonenkov said...

nice details)
follow your blog, I hope for reciprocity!
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Busola Coutts said...

Aww that is nice Ilya. I appreciate that a lot and of course i would be happy to follow you too. I find your blog to b very unique and interesting. Thank you again.

Lecia Lance said...

I am with you on the chapstick ! Gotta have it!!!

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