Leave me on an island so i may fall sleep listening to the sound of the ocean. Make me a cup of tea while i take in the beauty of this turquoise blue ocean right before my eyes. Aah.. bliss! The joy of  waking up to this every morning is priceless.

The beauty of living in the tropics or better still on an island, is the year round warmth, the crystal clear sun light and the lovely ocean surrounding you. I have always been a tropical girl and the beautiful warm sunny weather brings out the best in me.

I have never really had many floral dresses or dresses period but this one was one of my favorites of the few. I just love how light and free flowing the dress is. The black and pink floral together is simply adorable and so easy to wear especially anywhere. I took that picture a couple of months ago just outside our home in Jamaica and it was impossible not take advantage of a beautiful sunny day. The only thing is i am moving again soon. Stay tuned and follow to find out where my next stop is.

Thank you all for reading.

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