Makeup Powder and eyeshadow by  MAC Cosmetics


                                           Makeup Powder and eyeshadow by  MAC Cosmetics

                                                                            Dress by Arden B.

To celebrate the official launch of my blog, i decided to get right into it with this purple glitter mini that i bought from Arden B.  Who says you can only glitter at night?

Everything about this dress makes me want to do all kinds of crazy fun things. It really is that kind of dress. The dress is a symbol of how ready i am to take on whatever challenges that may come my way during this beautiful journey head on and never look back. Glitter all the way.....

So dear fellow fashion bloggers and friends, show your love and support.

I would like to thank you all for the amazing support and response i got for my official launch just yesterday. You all are so nice and now i feel the pressure :).  Please feel free to stalk me on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, BLOGLOVIN AND PINTEREST

Thanks for reading


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