When friends come together to party, you already know it is fun times galore and baby, anything can happen. If your circle of friends, like mine, love to dress to impress and love to have crazy fun times then you know you have to dress accordingly.

I wore that outfit a while ago to a friend's birthday party where we were supposed to surprise her with a gift she totally never expected. Since i knew it was a house party, i knew there would be lots of  fun loving friends attending which means some running around and dancing for sure (i love dancing). I knew i had to wear something very comfortable and easy. I made a quick dash to one of my favorite stores, EXPRESS. I bought the tank top and satin shorts from there.

In the picture above, that was the moment everybody was waiting for. We were presenting the birthday girl a gift she totally never expected. In the picture below, i was dancing my butt off and there was no stopping me. Sorry i had to cut off my dancing partner but he was such an amazing dancer. I was very comfortable in my outfit and had a great time.
The booties i wore in the picture today are different from the pair i wore to the party below. I think the tall knee length boots which i gave away when i was relocating to Canada were perfect and look so much better with the outfit. You think?

                                                         I was wearing
                                                        MAKEUP: MAC COSMETICS
                                                        SEQUIN TOP: EXPRESS
                                                        SHORTS: EXPRESS
                                                        BOOTIES (1st picture): CALL IT SPRING
       TALL KNEE LENGTH BOOTS (last picture): CAN'T REMEMBER (Either Calvin Klein or BCBG)

HOUSE PARTY: SEQUIN TANK TOP AND SATIN SHORTS HOUSE PARTY: SEQUIN TANK TOP AND SATIN SHORTS Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 3/14/2013 Rating: 5


Daniela Huber said...

I like the red shirt and it´s perfect for you.. it almost seems ike they sew it onto your body :)

I love to dance as well and the best part for that is picking something comfortable to dance in.

xoxo, Daniela

Busola Coutts said...

Daniela you are too kind. Thank you! Yeah, since you like dancing too you totally get it :). Just checked out your blog and i love. I am your newest follower ;)

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