I would love to walk...and dance in so many shoes. I have a weakness for shoes and I dream about them all the time. Since i moved several times in the last couple of years i have been forced to cut back enormously on everything because i like to travel light. The good news is i am getting ready to start fresh and rebuild my wardrobe again  (Woohoo!). I will be changing my whole entire wardrobe pretty soon and i am really looking forward to that. I decided to see what i am currently working with and then decide from there how to build a new wardrobe.

Today i started with my shoes and boy was i disappointed. When you look in your closet and all you see is mostly one color then you know something is wrong. How in the world did i end up with more black shoes than i thought i had? (Smiling). I know you think five pairs of  all black shoes isn't a lot. Well in my case, it is! I loooove colors and shoes so how did this happen? My guess would be that this must have happened after moving a few too many times i may have tried to hold on to a more practical color when i gave away all my shoes. I guess all i thought of at the time was, "As long as i have a pair of black shoes, then it is all good. Black goes with everything and it's just one less thing to worry about while still trying to find my way around in a new country." The only unfortunate thing about that thought is, i slowly acquired, unknowingly, the easily matchable color that it seemed i almost could careless about styling. Gosh, how so boring. Anyway that is about to change and i honestly can't wait. Colors all the way!!

I bet, you all, must know how excited i am now to start building my wardrobe again and i hope you an all join me on this trip because i would be happy to take your inputs into consideration when i go shopping.

Am i the only one that needs a shoe purge? 

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Unknown said...

Great post Busola! Love your shoe collection!


The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you Nilu. I am your newest follower! :)

Makenna Alene said...

I loved this post Busola! (And your name, just sayin..) This was really well written!


The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you so so much Mak! Aww how kind of you and by the way i just checked your blog and i left you a comment. You have some great styling ideas.

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