Well, i hate to be the one to break it to you but that gorgeous, bright pink, mini bubble dress you are wearing which obviously matches your bright pink lipstick and purse is preeetty bold. Then you finished off the look with those 7 inch lilac pumps which scream confidence and desire for attention, but i love it! Who am i talking to? A lot of beautiful girls out there who just want to express themselves through fashion without hurting anybody.

Do we consciously or subconsciously show our emotions or insecurities through our sense of style and simply what we wear on daily basis? I ask. Why do i ask? I am not sure... Maybe it would be easier if we all walked around the way we all came into this world. Imagine how boring life would be without fashion or maybe even more fun for some (oookay, let us stay focused here). Have we all fallen victims of who to wear and what to wear to please others rather than yourself?

I do wonder if staying true to yourself and your style hurts you more than dressing to please society, friends and folks which seems to be the easy way out. Right? When a girl wants to wear a plain ol' T-shirt and baggy jeans all day everyday, everywhere, shows how very laid back and carefree she is but is there more to it than just a pair of baggy jeans as a way to go? What do you think? Is she letting herself go or the pressure of dressing like what society expects most females to dress like is starting to get to her? Maybe she is going through a phase or she is just bored stiff and cares less about looking pretty. Maybe she is just comfortable being herself and staying true to her style? (Okay now that made me laugh a little).

Who knew i had these many questions when i decided to start writing about fashion. I just know i am not  alone when i ask these questions. If you take a look at the picture up there of me even though it is old, but every time i look at it, i laugh.  I went out for dinner with my family and i was really running very late that evening. To add more salt to injury, i was having one of the worst hair days you could possibly ever imagine. Not having even a nano second to think of what to do because trying to fix it was not even an option, i decided to take a very unusual bold step. I tied the scarf i had held to cover my shoulders in case the restaurant got too cold for me, over my head right before i handed my car keys to the valet driver and it took me less than a second. How? Hmm....(giggling) about in another post? I promise. So whether it worked or not, it didn't matter because i actually loved it and i saved my beloved hair from shame. Luckily for me the dress i wore managed to kinda go with it. (Yeah story of my life).

You can only know your style using what you already know...YOU. I believe personal style comes from within but inspiration comes from anywhere. Aaagh... we could go on with this forever but i want to hear from you all. Your turn to share.

The world is constantly changing so fast and i am so interested in knowing. Yep! What is your style and why? What inpsires you?

Thank you for reading


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