Mood swings, peer pressure, heart aches and what not are all a drop in a bucket in the life of a teenage girl trying to make it in the harsh world where body image is put on a pedestal. I see you all nodding your heads as if to say you agree with me or you are mad about it. Unfortunately sweethearts, it is the reality we live in. The truth is, it still continues even as we get older, but you can't let it control your life.

Growing up, i was a tomboy who enjoyed sports. I was a die hard athlete and it was the cool thing at the time. I loved it...well, until i met "the lip gloss" of my life. Make up and all the girly things were becoming of high interest. Sports became a back burner from that moment on. 'Xcuse me?? Did i just get hit on the head by a rock? It was like another female was reborn or created out of me. I stood in front of the mirror one day and for the first time, i noticed my ARMS!!! They were boyishly muscular!! Help! I need to look chic and girly in dresses. It started to bother me for so long i refused to wear anything sleeveless. Oh, i would be caught dead wearing one (bummer).

Years later when my love for fashion and styling got the best of me, i found ways to get the attention (all in my head) off my "boyish" arms by focusing on wearing outfits that i love, love, love. Sometimes i picked outfits that always told a little story by just looking at it. Soon enough it didn't even matter what my arms looked like in sleeveless outfits. I created cute little stories from styling myself  by focusing on fittings, grace, perfection, emotions, situations and uniqueness. I was having crazy fun with clothes i soon forgot about my man made flaw. That, to me, became a hobby which was fun and my love for fashion and styling was born.

We are our own worst critique and sometimes we focus so much on the little things that we end up missing the big picture. The reason for this short story post came about from here. Now make it yours.

Thank you for reading

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Unknown said...

I follow you! now it's your turn!

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

:) I totally just did! You are too kind. Thank you Annalisa :)

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