This is where trends get tricky. You ask why? An outfit with flared ruffles attached to the waistline can either make you or break you. Where am i going with this?  Peplum came back but suddenly took over the fashion world in 2012 and is still kinda trending. When certain styles start to trend it really doesn't mean it is okay to jump on the boat lovely people. Even if it doesn't fit or because Kate Middleton wore it.

From my observation and therefore conclusion, the true beauty of peplum is in the wearer's hands. That said, this is is one outfit i will not be waiting in line for. I am just not that into it. There are some peplum outfits with the ruffles going all the way round the waist line while some just have it on the sides. Some are long while some are short enough to fall over the curve of your hips. There are two common factors here ladies- the waistline and the the hips. We are all beautifully shaped women and it is even more beautiful to love your body and be comfortable in it. So who says you can't wear one of these guys? It is all about finding what fits and compliments your body.

Wearing an outfit to hide a body part because you think it is a flaw or doesn't compliment your shape only makes you very uncomfortable and a victim of your own doing. How do i know this? I will tell you more about my flaw and how it affected my choice of outfits on the next post.

So what am i saying? If you decide to wear a peplum dress, top, skirt or pants make sure it makes you appear tall in it and not squashed. Make sure it accentuates your waistline and the flared ruffles are not too long, but fall over your hips gracefully. Make sure it fits. Now put on some heels and walk....walk tall.

If you all saw Charlize Theron walk the red carpet in that beautiful white Dior peplum gown, then you totally get what i am trying to say.

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Thank you all for reading.

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