Lingerie By Linea Donatella

Hang on cupcakes, if you are scrolling down so fast to see if i posted a picture of myself wearing that lingerie...eerr sorry, but i saved that for the "desperately posting" days (wink). That said, it is one piece of item i can't seem to part with yet i hardly do wear (aah, way too much information) but am i the only one obsessed with lacy lingeries? Especially the lacy ones that aren't always so practical? NO?

When i moved to Toronto, Canada from the United States, my first job was at Victoria Secret and it was absolutely a beautiful experience. Being around something you already have a weakness for can be very challenging but it was fun and i learned a lot about underwear and styling. I got to know so much more about bras, how to determine your bra sizes for those who have been wearing the wrong size for years (surprisingly a lot of people do including me). Knowing the right bras or panties and lingeries to wear under every outfit is so important ladies. Pairing certain bras with certain panties and a whole lot of great creative stuff you may not be aware existed. Well, i will be talking more about this in future posts as we move along by showing you how to fix this bumps, bulge, lines and folds under those cute outfits you wear or would love to wear everyday. Those who would rather not "go commando" are definitely welcome.

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VICTORIA SECRET VS MY LITTLE LINGERIE SECRET VICTORIA SECRET VS MY LITTLE LINGERIE SECRET Reviewed by TheFashionStirFry - Makeup Review & Outfit Ideas on 3/04/2013 Rating: 5

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