Working in Victoria Secret once before like i explained in my post here, completely changed my my life and my view on what i wear under my outfits. As women, it is important to know your body and understand the changes. Wearing the right underwear often determines how good an outfit will look on you. NO?! How to figure out the right bra that fits under that pretty dress or even a regular T-shirt is what i am about to share with you. I know how hard it can be sometimes to keep up with your life but taking a minute for yourself goes a long way.

How many times have you bought a bra that didn't fit but bought it because it looked just too pretty to pass up? Yeah, me three. Not cool (those poor boobs). Wearing the wrong bra size causes triple, quadruple and multiple breastsies. Squeezing them in there only hurts and makes them look so disfigured. This may cause a lot of discomfort and pain therefore causing an outfit that should fall freely on you to look tight and stiff.

Victoria Secret not only sells underwear but they help you determine your bra size right there in the store. There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you don't know your bra size ladies. Trust me you are so not alone. Do i have to take off my clothes to get measured? Na ah! Do you have to make an appointment? No! How much does it cost? It is FREE!

So obviously, you haven't been wearing the same bra size since you were a teenager because your body changes all the time. What does this mean? It means you need to get your bra size updated at least every 6 months. Usually when you get measured at the VS store, you are given a card you get to keep that says the date and your bra size on it . This is a good way of keeping a record of your bra size, favorite bras and the last time you got measured. Did i hear you say, "AWESOME!" Totally awesome. It is really an eye opening experience and fun. So what are you waiting for?

I just thought i should let you all know this, in case you are wondering. I wasn't asked by Victoria Secret to do this. Everything i write about on my blog is genuinely how i feel about anything and any brand.   It is all about my favorite things out there and personal opinion or experiences that i want to share. Now that i have cleared that out of the way, go ahead and get your "bra fix" :)

Thank you all for reading, for all your support, for following and sharing. Really, thank you all. I promise it will only get better with time. Photos will definitely get better too very soon ( my apologies). I am currently searching for the perfect camera (suggestions are welcome).

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lynda wiggins said...

Love victoria's secret :)

Busola Coutts said...

Who doesn't :) Thanks for stopping by Lynda.

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