After snooping around the web to find "THE" perfect definition and description of the word attachment that resonates well with me for half an hour, but couldn't find one, i came to a conclusion -Words can not describe the attachment that i have for my pax large crossbody bag by the Sak

When i relocated from Maryland, USA to Toronto, Canada two years ago, my last and final purchase before leaving was the bag. I remember telling myself i needed a bag i could carry easily, conveniently through airports and had enough pockets for every little thing i needed to put in it. My passport, my earrings, my magazines, my sunglasses, my phone, keys and all of the above. I was flying alone between four countries in three different continents in less than a week. I spent hours in departure in every country i visited and made a stop over at, waiting for my flights but one thing that kept my together was my bag. I threw it across my chest several times as i walked through the airport and the duty free stores window shopping to kill time. I would always pull on the strap consciously and subconsciously as i walked like it was a form of comfort. When i needed something to rest my head on, there she goes again, available. I was able to not lose any of my important stuff which was something i did a lot in the past because of all the zippers and pockets on the sides and inside the bag.

I love the soft texture of the leather  and the fact that it has two different straps which gives me the opportunity to carry it in several different ways without feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Is it surprising that i carry her with me everywhere i go and can find every excuse (one and it is black) in the book to match it with almost everything i may possibly wear? The bag was there for me when i needed it, still is and through it all the bag has remained in good condition thus far. Need i say more? My conclusion, it works.

Thank you all for reading

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