The weather is not the only thing hot in Jamaica in case you didn't know that but it is definitely the number one reason why some of us who live in places like Canada come here for a break from the cold weather.

The fun part of leaving one country with an extreme weather for another is having to play dress up at the airport. For someone like me who really hates public washrooms/bathrooms/loo/ladies, i choose to go for easy, changeable outfits that i can quickly slip into without giving too much away to the on lookers ready to fly to la la land (come on just look away for a second...please).

I love to travel in very comfortable outfits especially if you have to be confined to a minimal amount of space for hours and thousands of feet off the ground. So it was no brainer when i picked out the zigzag patterned multicolored top to go with the very comfy copper colored leggings during my last trip. I often do the skinny jeans too a lot. Those guys are perfect for long days. For shoes, i wore a pair of black shoes with kitten heels. Heels? Yes heels. I don't want to look like i walked out of bed straight to the airport. I was casually dressed already but a pair of decent shoes won't hurt. Personally, i believe great shoes and even heels can make you look like a million dollar even if all you wore was a pillow case  :) (umm.. please don't wear a pillow case to the airport). It gives you a complete and polished look. Period. Plus a good appearance will earn you respect anywhere. Hopefully my luggage makes it there with me and i don't have to talk to a few well dressed airline officials looking like the suspect myself (Oops!). Just saying. The only extra thing i had on was a jacket to keep me warm during that walk from the car to the departure hall (a two minute walk...maybe) and probably in between.

The only funny story that followed this whole outfit was that the top got ruined that same day i wore it for the firs time. I am sure you can tell by looking at the picture.... again. (Smiling). Hm mm... someone with little cute tiny fingers and nails pulled, tugged, got caught in it and by the time i landed in Jamaica i had threads hanging out of my cute little multicolored zigzag top.

Thank you for reading.

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