Is there anything wrong in trying to wear a new outfit every time you are invited to an event or maybe doing dinner with friends, family or whoever? I didn't think so either. Okay what about having the same outfit or dress in different colors? Really?! How about two sizes bigger or smaller??? I thought so too. Great!

Now that we are on the same page, i can confidently tell you that i was "victimized" by this Taylor dress without a doubt.

When i was invited by friends to dinner a couple of years ago, besides the fact that having fun with great friends over dinner was hard to miss, i was so excited about the fact that i get to shop for a new dress to wear and just the food period. I particularly had a difficult time that day because i had to chose between the black Taylor dress and the beige/champagne color (see, i can't even decide what color it is). I ended up spending hours trying the dresses on  hoping to find one good reason to buy one over the other. When i realized i may be holding up progress in the fitting room for others, plus it started to get a little too warm in there anyway, i decided to go for the black. I had a good reason for that and i know you will like it. It was the only one that came in my actual size. So?

Well, if this will make you happier, it was hard to sleep that night because i couldn't stop imagining how nice it would be to have the beige dress too. Oh boy! I went to the store the next day to buy it just so i could sleep the following night.

Shortly after the purchase i was invited by one of best friends to her daughter's Christening and BAM!! Dress was perfect for the occasion even though it was one size too big. Ha ha ha, the things you do for a dress. When i look back now, i still have no regrets because sometimes you have just got to have it no matter what and some sort of human satisfaction is often fulfilled. So today i decided to try them on to see if they still fit. Verdict? They are both staying.

                                                          I was wearing:
                                                         Dresses by Taylor  (Both)
                                                        Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

Now which of these two dresses do you prefer? Do tell.

Does anyone else have this same problem in several different colors too? Now is your chance to share it with us.

Thank you for reading everyone!

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